Injection Technology

Our patented know-how

Principle of the injection technology


It is based on two double-clad  fibers fusion technology:

  • One fiber propagates the signal from a seeder
  • One fiber bring power from high power pump diode

The powered fiber carries pump diode beam at typically 980nm and discharges the energy into the cladding. The signal fiber delivers a beam from a weak power laser source directly into the doped core. Thus the gain media is directly stimulated with no loss.

This technology allows LEA Photonics to control the polarization extinction ratio (PER). Thus we can guarantee a PER up to 25dB.

Injection technology

Injection technology

Focus on the two fibers before melting

Industrial process

High level of expertises and competencies

Injection Bench detail

Injection bench detail

LEA Photonics Know-How

LEA Photonics has designed and developed this technology. It is now a mature industrial process which is in place with three production benches. A highly skilled team composed of one engineer and two technicians leads the process production into a clean room to avoid any dust that can damage the injector.

This repeatable process allows a production capacity of 60 units per day.

LEA Photonics and other companies from Keopsys Group use these injectors in their fiber lasers or fiber amplifiers. Then the high-efficiency coupling permits to reduce the pump diode power currently used, and then increase life duration of all product line.